Mars: The best combos with the new hero in Dota 2

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  Mars has been here for more than a week now and the hero has brought a few new things to the beautiful game of Dota 2. We already saw how a lot of skills interact with Mars’ ultimate, Arena of Blood. All of them were from the point of view of opponents. What’s not yet completely explored is how well Mars combos with certain heroes as allies. Here, we take a look at some of the best combos Spear of Mars and Arena of Blood have to offer with some of the existing skills in the game!

  This is probably the best combo that I’ve come across till now. Mars engulfs enemies in the Arena of Blood and Dark Willow forces them to retreat in the direction of their fountain. Now with the arena being circular in shape, any enemy under the effects of Terrorize is bound to run into the arena walls over and over and keep taking 250 damage (at level 3 of the skill). At the same time, they can be attacked by enemies to deal damage on top of that without being able to do anything. Two or more enemies caught in this combo is a sure fire way to guarantee a team fight win.

  Spear of Mars can stun an opposition hero if it skewers the hero into a tree, cliff or building. But that isn’t all of it, there are some skills that also activate the stun from the Spear of Mars.

  The most obvious one is NP’s Sprout, which surrounds a hero with trees. It is an easy way to ensure when there is good co-ordination between Mars and Furion. This can also turn out to be a negative point for NP, however. If ever he is playing against Mars and attempts to teleport out from between his own trees, the first son of heaven can easily land a stun on him and cancel the teleport.

  Clockwerk’s Cogs are something you wound’t expect to proc the stun, but they do. For any hero stuck in the Cogs, the stun from the spear guarantees additional lockdown.

  With Tusk’s Shards, it isn’t as straight forward. The spear cannot be aimed at the hero in any direction. When the shards land, they form a semi-circle. So Mars baseically has 180 degreesto aim from so as to land the stun. The good thing about all these stuns is even if the structure to which the hero is stunned vanishes, the stun effect stays.

  Popular to contrary belief, the stun does not activate on a Fissure. It also does not proc when thrown with a Tombstone in the background.

  An easy way to get out of Riki or Monkey King’s ultimate is to walk out of it or even better, use a Force Staff. Arena of Blood prevents that as even with a Force Staff, an opponent cannot get out. Additionally as the skills deal damage, using a Blink Dagger to get out is out of the question. Timed correctly, these combos have the potential to do a lot of damage.

  So there you have it, quite a few good combos to go with Mars’ skills. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure there are lot of combos yet to be discovered, lurking in the dark. If you have a good combo that we can mention, let us know in the comments!

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